Are you ready to take control of your finances . . . and build the life you deserve?

I help women pursue their passion for financial freedom and courageous living

I work WITH YOU to create a bold plan with actionable steps that will set you on the road to financial freedom. And once you have a handle on your finances, you might just be brave enough to chase your wildest dreams!

Financial coaching is more than just numbers … it gets to the root of your beliefs and actions so that you can let go of your money worries and design the life you deserve.

Do you struggle with money? You’re not alone!

Half of women fear they will lose all their money and become homeless
Women are twice as likely as men to live below the poverty line during retirement
81% of women report living paycheck to paycheck
Women hold nearly two-thirds of the outstanding student debt in the United States
Nearly one in three women feels discouraged by her finances

Only you can take bold actions to set yourself free.

Do you ever …

  • Feel “stuck” on the hamster wheel…grinding it out day after day and still living paycheck-to-paycheck?
  • Lie awake at night, worrying that your “bag lady” nightmare might just come true?
  • Get tired of pretending everything is cool when you know deep down inside your debt is out of control?
  • Place everyone else’s demands above your own desires?

What if I told you that underneath your fears and worries lie a hidden reserve of superpowers?

…Superpowers that can be activated if only you had a dedicated coach in your corner.

Superpowers like…

Time mastery
You have more time on your hands because you make fast spending decisions based on your priorities.
You have a budget that gives you the power to look into the future, where you can easily make forecasts.
You have a savings cushion that prepares you for the unexpected. You’ll be ready when the next crisis strikes.
You are guided by your priorities and goals, which changes your perspective – your destination is on the horizon.
You face your finances head on and take bold steps to master your money – and build the life you want.

New to Financial Coaching? 

How Financial Coaching Works

Set Goals
Explore your dreams and set SMARTER goals. Gauge your financial starting point
Get a Plan
Get a customized plan that takes into account your dreams, goals, priorities, and values
Take Actions
Develop an action plan and get expert guidance that propels you to money mastery

There’s a Program Just for You!


Work with Dr. Brenda one-on-one. My foundational offering is a 2-hour Kickass Session that will give you a personalized roadmap to master your money. Programs include:
  • 4-month Journey to Wealth Program
  • 4-month Gutsy Women Program


Launch you journey to financial freedom in one long weekend. My Financial Freedom for Women Workshops are held periodically, with enrollment capped at 10 persons. These are hand-on workshops in which we'll together to create a personal action plan that matches your priorities and desires.


This subscription service, with private Facebook group, includes bi-weekly guides that will lead you, step-by-step, on your journey to financial freedom.
  • Bi-weekly guides
  • Private Facebook Group

Financial coaching can be the answer to your dreams.

Find out how and take the first step toward a brighter future. Schedule your free 20-minute Explorer call.

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