Financial freedom is about living your dreams … doing what you want when you want … without money worries.

Mission: tweak your finances and accelerate your journey to financial freedom in 30 days


Not everyone is qualified to participate in a 30-day sprint to freedom – let’s check your financial fitness level. You must meet all of the requirements to participate.
  • Successful completion of a Kickass session
  • Working budget
  • Good to Excellent credit score
  • Highly motivated to become financially independent
  • Can devote at least 4 hours each week on the month-long program
  • Dr. Brenda’s endorsement

Limited-Seating for
30-Day Sprints

Each month, I take up to five clients at a time for the 30-Day Sprint to Financial Freedom Program. Once the seats are gone, they’re gone – you’ll have to join a Sprint at a later time. All sprints start the 1st of the month. Your first step is to schedule a Kickass Session so we can get to work right away.

Here’s what you get when you sign up for a Sprint. 

  • Week 1: Two-hour Starting Block Session
  • Weeks 2, 3, and 4: One-hour Race Sessions
  • Homework Assignments
  • Email Correspondence
  • 30-minute Champion Sessions in Months 2 and 3

Here’s how the 30-Day Sprint Program Works

The 30-Day Sprint is an exclusive high-octane program!

My mission is to give each sprinter highly individualized attention that catapults her good financial practices into the stratosphere. What does that mean?  It means we are going to put a plan in action that will grow your net worth and help you reach your freedom goal. Here’s the scope.

Purpose & Goals
You define what financial freedom means to you and set SMARTER goals.
Pay down Debt
You’ll take the fast track to freedom by paying off debt fast.
Expand the Gap
You’ll take steps to grow your income and lower your expenses.
Prioritize and Strategize
You’ll prioritize your action steps and strategize your wealth-building options.

Define your Purpose and Set Goals

Your sprint starts by asking WHY? Why do you want to pursue financial freedom? What does freedom mean to you? I’ll help you define your purpose statement and lay out SMARTER goals. We’ll look at your net worth and set up a tracking system so that you can regularly monitor your progress.

Pay down Debt Fast

You have Good to Excellent credit, and that works to your advantage. We’ll use the Blizzard method to negotiate better credit terms and begin an accelerated payoff schedule for high-interest debt. And we’ll look at ways you can leverage low-interest debt to accelerate your savings rate.

Expand the Gap

The only way to reach financial freedom is to expand the gap between income and expenses and invest the difference. We’ll look at both sides of the equation – income and expenses – and create your personal plan of attack. And we’ll balance your savings goals with your desires, making sure that there’s room for fun in your budget.

Prioritize and Strategize

As our 30 days come to a close, we will develop an action plan that guides your journey for the next three years. You’ll create monthly goals and action steps and set up a routine to evaluate your progress. Plus, you’ll build in rewards for reaching milestone events. I’ll check in with you in months 2 and 3 to provide additional guidance.

Not sure if you’re ready for a Kickass session?

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