Adult Shirts & Hoodies


#1 Seller


Design features NOMAD lettering and nature icons. 5 styles and 9 colors on Amazon. More products can be found on Redbubble.

Gutsy Women Camp with Dogs

For women campers and RVers who share their adventures with their beloved dog. 7 styles and 5 colors on Amazon. More products on Redbubble.

Gutsy Women Camp with Cats

Celebrate the gutsy women - and their cats - who love to see new sights outside their windows. 7 styles and 5 colors on Amazon. More products on Redbubble.

Popular Designs


Show your courage. Design features a pink ribbon, the symbol for breast cancer survivors. 6 styles and 6 colors.


Strong of heart and strong of mind are great attributes. Design features a lightening bolt. 6 styles and 6 colors.

Weather Wimp

Features umbrella, an overheated sun, snowflakes, snow ledge, rain clouds, and a winter hat. 5 styles and 10 colors.

Gutsy Women Carry Bear Spray

When you're camping, you have to prepare for anything, including bears. 6 styles and 6 colors.

Gutsy Women Explore the Universe

Especially designed for women who are scientists, aerospace junkies, and outer space nerds. 6 styles and 10 colors.

Gutsy Women Kayak

 Women kayakers rock the waterways. Show off your sense of adventure. 6 styles and 10 colors.

Gutsy Women Bike

Women bikers rule the highways and trails. Design features woman cyclist and mountain scene. 3 styles and 10 colors.


Show off your gutsy spirit, your sense of adventure, your boldness, and even your audaciousness. 1 style and 5 colors.

I'm Not Lost . . . I'm Wandering

 Get lost in the world of hiking. Be a wander woman! Back-of-shirt design. 1 styles and 10 colors.

Children's Apparel and Products

Camping Theme

Sleep under the Stars

Makes a fantastic gift for camping and RVing families. Get a sticker, water bottle, hoodie, and more. 35 products.

Gutsy Letters (with Animals)

Gutsy kids deserve gutsy shirts.  G is for giraffe. U is for unicorn. T is for turtle. S is for squirrel. Y is for Yak. 26 products.

Brave (with Gutsy Kids Adventure Journal characters)

Let Ollie the Owl and his woodland friends remind you of your bravery. 25 products.

Gutsy Kids Club Coaster Adventure

Features the Gutsy Kids Adventure Journal animal characters on a coaster. 24 products.

Brave, with Ricky the Raccoon

Let Ricky the Raccoon (from the Gutsy Kids Adventure Journal) remind you of your bravery. 25 products.

Just Dance, with Matteo the Moose

Gutsy Kids try new things! Even if they might be a little silly. Check out Matteo the Moose dancing. 24 products.

Be Nice . . . or Else!

Listen to Starr the Skunk - Be nice . . . or else! Character based on the Gutsy Kids Club Adventure Journal. 23 products.

Lovingly Made in . . . (State)

BABY GEAR!  Show off your state pride with neat stuff for infants and toddlers.  14 products for each state and D.C.

Journals, eBooks, and Printables

Purchase my journals, eBooks, and printables. Available on Amazon, Gumroad, and Etsy.

Gutsy Woman Bullet Planner

Use the Gutsy Woman Bullet Planner to organize and plan an entire year of activities. Includes 12 monthly calendar grids.

6 Pack Healthy 30-Day Challenges

Includes 6 challenges to help you meditate, cut out sugar, sleep better, walk  more, be kinder, and eat healthier. Format: eBook

30-Day Sleep Challenge (World Edition)

The Challenge: Improve your sleep. The Challenge includes resources, advice, reminders, and sleep stories.  Format: eBook

RVers Guide to Happy Cats

Free downloadable eBook to help you take care of your best buddies on the road.

RV Superwoman Journal

This useful and fun RV Superwoman Journal celebrates the women who seek adventure and the open road. Cover: Motorhome

30-Day Sugar Challenge

The Challenge: No Sugar or Sugar Substitutes for 30 Days. The challenge is broken into 5 doable phases. Format: eBook

Happy Nomad (Year #1 Adventures)

This is my travelogue, complete with photos and a month-by-month recap. Each chapter includes a list of things I learned and links to videos. Format: eBook

Dream Big Prints Store

Visit my store on Etsy to find printables that help you achieve your dream. 

Camper Superwoman Journal

This useful and fun Camper Superwoman Journal celebrates the women who seek adventure and the open road. Cover: Trailer

30-Day Meditation Challenge

The Challenge: Meditate for 15 minutes daily for 30 days. Discover the Basics, Mindfulness, and Loving Kindness. Format: eBook

Save up to $1,000 in 28 Days

Spend 4 weeks focusing on your income and expenses. Challenge yourself to save $500 . . . or even $1,000. Format: eBook

30-Day Million Dollar Challenge

The Challenge: Create a plan to reach a net worth of $1,000,000. Day-by-day guidance and advice for 30 days. Format: eBook

30-Day Walking Challenge

The Challenge: Walk on a daily basis for 30 days. The challenge introduces several different walking styles. Format: eBook

Gutsy Kids Adventure Journal

Designed for 4 to 8-year-olds to help them overcome obstacles, nurture a growth mindset, and understand their strengths.  Format: Printables

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