#1 Seller

Money Road Trip

Updated annually. Get the inaugural 2024 edition today!

Money Road Trip (Graduate Edition)

Includes a gift tag page and special message for the graduate

Listening Points

An enhanced Kindle Guide featuring nature videos.

Bundles & Workshops

#1 Seller

Side Hustle Bundle

Want a profitable side hustle without wasting time and money? Here's everything you need to be a success.

Investing for Beginners

Want to start investing, but you don't know where to start? This bundle is the perfect solution to new investors.

Money Micro Habits Workshop

Stop letting your habits sabotage your finances! Use these 5 money micro-habits to build your wealth.

Journals and eBooks

Purchase my journals and 30-Day Challenge eBooks on Amazon

Gutsy Woman Bullet Planner

Use the Gutsy Woman Bullet Planner to organize and plan an entire year of activities. Includes 12 monthly calendar grids.

30-Day Sleep Challenge

The Challenge: Improve your sleep. The Challenge includes resources, advice, reminders, and sleep stories.  Format: eBook 

RV Superwoman Journal

This useful and fun RV Superwoman Journal celebrates the women who seek adventure and the open road. Cover: Motorhome

30-Day Sugar Challenge

The Challenge: No Sugar or Sugar Substitutes for 30 Days. The challenge is broken into 5 doable phases. Format: eBook

Camper Superwoman Journal

This useful and fun Camper Superwoman Journal celebrates the women who seek adventure and the open road. Cover: Trailer

30-Day Meditation Challenge

The Challenge: Meditate for 15 minutes daily for 30 days. Discover the Basics, Mindfulness, and Loving Kindness. Format: eBook

30-Day Money Mindset Challenge

The Challenge: Create a powerful money mindset that will fuel your  journey to financial freedom. Format: eBook

30-Day Walking Challenge

The Challenge: Walk on a daily basis for 30 days. The challenge introduces several different walking styles. Format: eBook

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Fun Designs for Hiking, Adventures, and Lounging

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