Are you a Coach?

Do you want to bring kickass financial programs to your clients?

Our Power Partners understand the importance of financial wellness in their clients' lives. And they want to stand out from the crowd.

Are you serving early- to mid-career women?

Our programs offer a safe place for women and non-binary folk to learn about personal finances, receive support, build their route to financial freedom, and make their dreams happen. Here are the people who do best in our programs.


Our clients tend to be college-educated women on a career track. 

Time for Money to Grow

Most of our clients are in their 30s to early 50s. They have time to grow their wealth.

Ready for Change

Our clients are tired of worrying about money and resolved to take action.

I believe that trust is the foundation of all human connections, financial security is the key that opens doors to possibilities, time is our most precious commodity, and fun is integral to a healthy soul. When we share our creative genius, we make magic happen.

- Brenda K. Uekert, PhD

About Our Power Partnership Program

Are you ready to enter into a relationship that will be mutually beneficial and highly satisfying? And dare I say, FUN? As a coach and a sociologist, I'm all about getting to know you on a personal basis. I want to know what makes you smile. Let's inspire each other!

What is my business?

Dr. Brenda, Money Coach, helps women build financial freedom. I work with women and non-binary folk in the US, Canada, and Europe, through our online community, courses, workshops, and retreats. I deliver high-quality group coaching programs that result in better financial decision making, greater wealth, and more time to enjoy life.

What kinds of coaches make good partners?

The type of coach you are matters less than your heart space and the results you deliver. Generally, if you are coaching on the topics of life decisions, careers, leadership, empowerment, success, happiness, strategies and goals, habits, and life transitions, you have clients who can benefit from financial programs. We can work together to create a program just for you.

Who makes the best client referrals?

The best referral for us are coaches and consultants in the US, Canada, and Europe who are already running 6-figure+ businesses and who want to offer their clients resources that will help them take charge of their money. They have a holistic worldview, understand the importance of financial wellness to their client's outlook, and strive to fill service gaps. They want to stand out from their competitors by connecting clients with trustworthy and reputable financial coaching resources.

What does our Power Partner relationship look like?

I want to build long-term relationships with power partners who understand who I am, what I stand for, and how I help my clients. I want to know that when I refer people to you, they are WELL CARED FOR AND LOVED. As Power Partners, we will tap into our creative genius to discover new ways to spread our awesomeness to the universe.

How do I know when to send a client your way?

Your client might say something like, "I make good money, but I don't have the time to enjoy it. I feel like there's something missing. If only I could get a better handle on my finances and find a way to carve out more joy in my life."

A Note About Me

I'm  Brenda K. Uekert, PhD

I hold a PhD in Sociology and built an amazing career specializing in justice system reform, primarily in the areas of violence against women and elder abuse. When the opportunity arose, I launched a new career as a Financial Coach. My mission is to raise the finances – and the voices – of women who have been ignored or ridiculed in policy discussions. I am passionate about social and economic justice.

Fun Fact:  I'm a full-time RVer traveling the USA with my 3 cats. I love my life!

Consider the Possibilities

Dear Coach,

Thank you for your interest in my Power Partner program. I'm interested in helping each other grow, reach new audiences, and spark conversations and actions.

As you read on, I'd like you to think about ways in which partnering with a financial coach will help your clients. Maybe you'd like me to offer a special online workshop exclusively for your clients? Or perhaps an in-person seminar if you happen to live near my RV route? If you imagine it, we can make it happen.

Below are some of the options we can explore.  

  • One free annual membership to the Wealth Builders Program in my Gutsy Women Finances community. This is my flagship community - Where Fun and Finances Meet. You can use the membership (valued at $750) for yourself or give it to a friend or client. 
  • Unique discount codes for our online Financial Freedom Accelerator (valued at $997) and in-person Financial Freedom for Women Retreats (valued at $1,197). Your clients can use your code to receive $100 off the price of either program.
  • Special workshops, seminars, or talks designed especially for your clients. Oh, the possibilities are endless! How about a talk on money mindsets, or how to draw a road map to financial freedom, or how to have fun with a budget. Let's chat about how to make this happen.
  • The opportunity for you to introduce yourself and present a workshop to members of the Gutsy Women Finances community and my social network.

Partnerships are two-way streets. I want to support you and your business - beyond referrals. Are you ready to start a relationship?

Click on the 'Become a Power Partner' button, fill out the form, and I'll send you more information. I'll also give you my scheduling calendar so that we can set up a time to talk.

I can't wait to partner with you!

- Brenda

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