Meet Our Amazing Speakers

climate psychologist

Leslie Davenport

Leslie works internationally as a climate psychology educator,
consultant, and therapist working at the intersection of climate, education,
policy, and social justice.

innovator, writer & speaker

Vicki Robin

Vicki Robin is the co-author of  the bestseller, Your Money or Your Life, and is the host of the climate change podcast, What Could Possibly Go Right?

exec dir of earth guardians

Emmy Scott

Emmy is the Executive Director of Earth Guardians, advocating for social and climate justice from a biracial LGBTQIA+ perspective and empowering the next
generation to drive positive change.

Award-winning filmmaker

Joshua Wright

Joshua is an award-winning filmmaker and a youth forest defense activist, working for the preservation of more than the human world. 

the tiny house adviser

Laura Lynch

Laura is the founder of The Tiny House Adviser. She is a financial planner, podcast host, and tiny house enthusiast, dedicated to helping others find financial autonomy through tiny-living.

green living & money coach

Laura Oldanie

Laura is a green living and money coach who blogs at, where she explores money and lifestyle
choices for a sustainable future. 

sustainable living expert

Jen Panaro

Jen is the creator behind Stepping Stones, a newsletter that tackles sustainable living for modern families, and the founder of Honestly Modern.


Alex Wright-Gladstein

Alex is the founder and CEO of Sphere, which makes it easy for every employer to offer climate-friendly options in their retirement plans.

co-founder invest for better

Janine Firpo

Janine is a seasoned values-aligned investor, the author of Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World, and the co-founder of Invest for Better. 

dr. brenda money coach

Brenda K. Uekert

Brenda Uekert is a Sociologist, Financial Coach, Climate Steward, and the host of PlanetSmart Finance Fest.

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Schedule of Events

Monday, April 22 - Addressing Climate Anxiety and Building Resilience

  • Welcome to PlanetSmart Finance Fest! - Brenda Uekert (8:00 am PST)
  • Managing Climate Anxiety - with Leslie Davenport (12:00 pm PST)
  • Bringing it Home: Local Resilience - with Vicki Robin (4:00 pm PST)

Tuesday, April 23 - The Power of Activism

  • Earth Guardians: The Power of Youth - Emmy Scott (8:00 am PST)
  • Eden's Last Chance - Joshua Wright (12:00 pm PST)

Wednesday, April 24 - Building a sustainable lifestyle

  • Living Tiny to Align your Life with your Values - Laura Lynch (8:00 am PST)
  • Growing FREE - Laura Oldanie (12:00 pm PST
  • How to Start a Sustainability Side Hustle - Jen Panaro (4:00 pm PST)

Thursday, April 25 - Investing in the Future

  • Sphere: Climate Friendly Retirement Savings - Alex Wright Gladstein (8:00 am PST)
  • Invest for Better - Janine Firpo (12:00 pm PST)

Friday, April 26 - What's your Role?

Interactive Zoom Session: Select your own Climer Card (12:00 PST)

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