​Good money management is about prioritizing the things that bring you joy, and letting go of the other stuff.

Each journey starts with a single step.

You’re here because you have doubts, concerns, and maybe even worries, about your finances. And some days, the situation can feel desperate. I’m here to offer hope – and tools – that can change your future. Here's my five-step approach to financial health.
​Step 1
Be Courageous
​Step ​2
Face the Facts
​Step ​3
Make a Plan
​Step ​4
Take Action
​Step ​5
Dare to Dream

​​It all begins with courage!

​Yes, courage! It’s easy to pretend that everything is fine, that you can continue spending as you do, that somehow, the future will take care of itself. It takes courage to say, “Hey, I might need some help here.” So that first step can be the most difficult. I’m here to reassure you that our focus is on today and tomorrow – not yesterday. It’s time to be bold and move forward with your life.

​Numbers are Just Facts … and Tools

​Once you’ve taken that first step by scheduling your session, it’s time to get down to business. You’ll gather information on income and expenses and we’ll work together to discover where your money is going. We’ll create a working budget - a budget that WORKS FOR YOU! And I’ll take the mystery (and dread) out of budget-keeping.

​The Key is in the Plan

​Now that we know the facts, we’ll come up with a plan – a plan based on your values and priorities. So if your priority is getting out of debt, let’s double down and make it happen. Or if you worry about your retirement, let’s supercharge your efforts. And if you are unprepared for emergencies, we’ll crank up your savings. Finally, you’ll have a winning game plan in place.

​A Plan without Action is Just a Piece of Paper

There’s the plan, and then there’s action. So after our Kickass Session, I’ll devise action steps that you should take to reach your target. I’ll take advantage of your enthusiasm by giving you at least one step that you can take in the next 24 hours. Let’s add some urgency and get you some early wins.

​Are you up for Dream-Chasing?

​You are taking charge of your finances and feeling like superwoman. So how about we work together to create goals, even lofty goals that may feel impossible at the moment? Believe in yourself and you’ll do amazing things!

One two-hour session with Action Plan and Follow-up Phone Call - $397
​Not sure if you’re ready for a Kickass session?

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