Be a Kickass Woman! Grow your Wealth.

MISSION: Take charge of your finances and grow your net worth in 4 months


Before you leap into the 4-month Journey to Wealth program, you’ll have to meet the following criteria.
  • Had an Explorer Call with Dr. Brenda to find out if this is a "good fit" for you
  • Highly motivated to build your net worth
  • Dr. Brenda’s endorsement

Build your Wealth!

The Journey to Wealth Program is a 4-month program for women who are fired up to build their net worth and chase financial freedom. Your first step is to schedule a Kickass Session so we can get to work right away.

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for the Journey to Wealth Program.

  • Month 1: Weekly one-hour sessions
  • Months 2, 3, and 4: Bi-weekly one-hour sessions
  • Prep work and homework assignments
  • Email Correspondence
  • 1-hour check-in session in month 5

Here’s how the 4-Month Journey to Wealth Program Works

What does wealth mean to you?

While this program is designed to grow your net worth, money isn’t the ultimate goal – it’s freedom. That’s what money buys. The freedom to spend your days, and your money, however you like. And the luxury of going to bed each night without worrying about money. That’s true freedom! Here are the four components of the Program.

Design the Life you Want
You’ll take steps to design the life you desire, which will help you define “wealth” and set goals.
Get your Numbers

Calculate your net worth, track your budget, find your “freedom number,” and make a plan.
Grow the Gap

Pay down debt, increase your income, and cut expenses to accelerate your journey.
Invest for the Future
Create a timeline, an investment plan, and build resilience with an abundance mindset.

Design your Life … and Define “Wealth”

Let’s start at the end game – how would you spend your days if money wasn’t a concern? I’ll guide you in creating a mind map and an Odyssey Plan that explores your dream life. From there, you’ll draft your personal definition of “wealth.” Then let’s create SMARTER goals and an action plan.

Get your Numbers

Wealth-building is numbers-driven, so I’ll make sure you have all the tools in place to know what’s happening with your money at all times. The two key elements – a working budget and a net worth statement. I’ll simplify the process and give you resources that match your personality.  We’ll come up with your freedom number – the dollar amount that allows you to chase after your dream life.

Grow the Gap

The bigger the gap between your income and expenses, the faster your wealth will grow.  So we’ll focus on paying down debt, increasing your income, and cutting expenses. But I don’t want you to eliminate joy from your life, so let’s find a healthy balance that prioritizes the things you love. We’ll cut out the other stuff! And to speed up the journey, we’ll devise a plan to increase your income, including side hustle possibilities.

Invest for the Future

What do you do with the money that is left over? You invest it! I will give you general investment guidance, like how your timeline influences the type of investment and the importance of low-fee index funds. Plus, we’ll discuss other ways in which you can invest in your future. For instance, you can develop new job skills and earn credentials that will give you more opportunities in the workforce and protect your earning potential should your job disappear.

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