​Every great house needs a solid foundation.

​are you a loan officer or in the real estate industry?

What do you do when you have​ clients who want to buy a house, but need to get their house in order first?

​Refer them to the 3-month House Hunters Program. Just download this flyer and ​pass ​it ​along to your clients. I can help them create a winning plan!
  • If you'd like to chat about how I can be of service to you, schedule a free 20-minute House Hunters Informational Session. ​

MISSION: get your financial house in order before you buy the house.


Before you leap into the 3-month House Hunters program, you’ll have to meet the following criteria.
  • ​Successful completion of a Kickass session
  • ​Highly motivated to get your financial house in order – before buying the house
  • P​lanning or in the process of buying a home
  • Dr. Brenda’s endorsement

​Get your Financial House in Order!

​The House Hunters Program is a 3-month program designed to get your financial house in order. The Program will help you make smart ​buying decisions that don't bankrupt your future. Your first step is to schedule a Kickass Session so we can get to work right away​.

Here’s what you ​get when you sign up for the House Hunters Program.

  • ​Month 1: Weekly one-hour sessions
  • ​Months 2 and 3: Bi-weekly one-hour sessions
  • ​Prep work and homework assignments
  • ​Email Correspondence
  • ​30-minute Check-in session in month 4

Here’s how the 3-Month House Hunters Program Works

​Buying a House is one of the Biggest Decisions of your Life!

​Buying a house is an exciting – and scary – event. The House Hunters Program will give you a solid financial foundation and prepare you for a bright future. Here are the four primary components of the Program.

​Create Goals

You’ll create financial goals and explore how home ownership fits into the bigger picture.
​Boost your Credit Score
If you don’t already have a Good to Excellent credit score, we’ll develop a game plan to get you there.
​Build a New Budget
Let’s build a budget based on the expected costs of owning a home. We’ll try out different scenarios.
​Save for a Down Payment
We’ll come up with a savings strategy to help you with the down payment and closing costs.

​Create Goals

​What are your financial goals and how does home ownership fit into the picture? We’ll create SMARTER financial goals that will help you prioritize your financial decisions. Plus, we’ll create a month-by-month playbook that will put you in a good position when you’re ready to buy a house.

​Boost your Credit Score

​If you have a Good to Excellent credit score, the best mortgage rates are reserved for you! But if your credit isn’t so great, you’ll be paying a lot more than your Good Credit friend. If you need a credit boost, we’ll work on a plan that will improve your score. But it won’t happen overnight – you’ll have to be patient!

​Build a New Budget

​Once you qualify for a loan, you might be surprised by how generous the bankers can be. Plus, the realtors may encourage you to buy the biggest and most expensive house you can (they’ll get a bigger commission). So let’s draft budgets using different scenarios with you as a home owner. We’ll include projected costs of mortgage, property taxes, insurance, and homeowner association fees so you can better gauge how much house you can afford. We’ll see what happens to your budget if you buy at the high end, low end, or middle of your price range.

​Save for a Down Payment

​Depending on the cost of your house, you’ll need a down payment of at least 5% (10% for higher-end homes). In fact, the larger your down payment, the lower your interest rate will be. You’ll also be hit with closing costs that average 2% to 5% of the purchase price. We’ll work together to come up with a savings strategy that will help you make home ownership a reality.

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