Follow your spirit . . . and throw convention to the wind


Prerequisites to Participate in the 4-month Gutsy Women Program

Before you leap into the Gutsy Women program, you’ll have to meet the following criteria.
  • Had an Explorer Call with Dr. Brenda to find out if this program is a "good fit" for you
  • Highly motivated and excited to create your own path
  • Planning on leaving the traditional workforce to travel and live adventurously 
  • Dr. Brenda’s endorsement

Turn Life into a Fabulous Adventure!

The Gutsy Women Program is a 4-month program for women who are eager to create a life of adventure. It's perfect for women who want to travel around the world, experience the wide open spaces in an RV, or relocate to another country. We’ll work together to get your finances in order, create a solid plan so that you can live your dream, and boost your self-confidence so that you can take that leap of faith. Your first step is to schedule a Kickass Session so we can get to work right away.

Here’s what you can expect:
  • Month 1: Weekly one-hour sessions
  • Months 2, 3, and 4: Bi-weekly one-hour sessions
  • Prep work and homework assignments
  • Email Correspondence
  • 1-hour check-in session in month 5

Here’s how the Gutsy Women Program works:

It’s time to map your adventure

Sure, you can set out on a new life any time you like. But without a map, you might not even find your way home again. So let’s do this the smart way. We’ll work together to map out your dream life, craft a plan that gives you financial security, design a lifestyle so you don’t outpace your money, and build confidence by learning from those who have taken your journey. Here are the four components.

Plan your Dream Life
What adventure is calling your name? Let’s turn that vision into a plan, with timelines and goals.
Build Financial Security
Create a budget that gives you a financial cushion and turns your dreams into an affordable reality.
Consider your Lifestyle
Craft a lifestyle based on your priorities, and your finances. Don’t outpace your money!
Find a tribe of like-minded gutsy women and learn from those who have the lifestyle you want.

Plan your Dream Life

The conventional life is not for you! But that life of adventure feels a little mysterious too. Let’s work together to design a new life that turns your wildest dreams into a realistic plan that leaves you excited about the future. We’ll explore your options and build out scenarios that give you a clearer vision of the life you want (and don’t want).  Dream-chasing is encouraged!

Build Financial Security

You’ll need money to chase after those dreams! So I will coach you on turning your budget into a savings plan, projecting your financial needs, experimenting with different timelines, and discussing your need or desire to create income streams that support your upcoming adventures. You’ll come away with the financial tools and guidance that will make those dreams come true.

Consider your Lifestyle

Do you want to travel around the world in style? Or live and work out of an RV as you meander your way through our national parks? Your financial needs depend on the lifestyle you crave, so we’ll build out different budget scenarios based on your lifestyle. Our goal is to project expenses and build in contingency plans so that you can feel comfortable with your next move.

Build Confidence

Doubt is the enemy of action. Even when your dreams and finances are in order, it can take courage to live an unconventional life. But there’s a whole tribe of gutsy women out there, so let’s work together to make meaningful connections that will help you build confidence. And you just might find a mentor and new friends in the process!

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