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3 ways to enhance rv journal

3 Ways to Enhance your RV Journey

January 16, 2021

I jumped into RVing as a full-timer, and what a journey it has been. After six months on the road, I began to think about the ways I could enhance my RV life. And it came down to three concepts: logistics, adventure, and joy. I searched for tools that would help me put those three concepts into play on a daily basis, but no such luck. So I wrote the RV Superwoman Journal and the Camper Superwoman Journal Guided Journals for Women who Seek Adventure and the Spirit of the Road. Here you can find everything in one place.

Enhancement #1: Make a Plan

RVing has its share of stresses – from sitting alongside the freeway waiting for roadside assistance, to dealing with not-so-nice RV neighbors, to getting the worst haircut in the world! And with the popularity of RVing growing, it’s a fight to find campground space in state and national parks especially. There might have been a day when you could hop in your RV and set out for an unknown destination – but those days are behind us. Planning is more important than ever.

Keep the Important Information in One Place

I’m a born planner, but I learned that I have “gremlins” in the RV – gremlins that periodically hide things from me, sometimes for weeks at a time. Things like my wrench and my little wallet that contains all my RV membership cards. And in an emergency, I’m not always calm enough to find what I need in a hurry. So I wanted all my emergency information in one place; things like:

  • License plate numbers
  • Insurance and roadside assistance information
  • RV/Camping membership numbers
  • Personal emergency contacts
  • Veterinarian and important notes about my pets

Use Checklists to Avoid Mistakes and Streamline the Travel Process

Checklists are fantastic tools to get the rig ready to roll and prepare for the trip. I was reminded of this when a friend posted a photo of an RV she had waved down before it entered the freeway with its slide out. Yikes! When you follow a checklist, those types of mistakes don’t happen. So my journals have checklists that will help you:

  • Get your rig ready to roll
  • Prepare your emergency kit
  • Pack your stuff.

Enhancement #2: Visit the Most Fantastic Places

There are so many awesome places to visit, and many require a lot of planning and a dash of luck in securing a campsite. This last year, I was super excited to snag a campsite at Acadia National Park in Maine. But I never made it into Maine during the summer of COVID-19. It remains on my must-visit list.

One of the challenges I’m already experiencing is remembering where I’ve been and which campgrounds I’d like to revisit. And as I talk to more RVers, the places I want to visit grows. So I added a section (Life is one Big Adventure) to my journals. In this section, you can mark the states you’ve visited, review campgrounds where you’ve stayed, write down a “wish list” of places you’d love to visit, record some of the amazing sights you’ve already seen, and write down memories of funny things that have happened along the way.

Enhancement #3: Find your Joy

The RV life can get dull, especially if you are sitting in one place for a long time, or you aren’t too fond of the campground. But most of us who jumped into RVing have a thirst for adventure and a desire to truly experience life. Sometimes, we forget to “stop and smell the roses.” So I introduced a third section to the journals – my favorite section – called Let’s Chat.

I’m a strong advocate of mindfulness, or truly experiencing the moment. Somewhere along the trail, I shed my old identity and discovered an organic joy and happiness emerging from deep within. I was more in touch with my soul and became hyper-aware of the birds singing in the morning, the dew hanging from the ferns as I walked through the forests, the blood orange sky as the sun set over the ocean, and the feel of a crisp breeze as I climbed a peak. So this section of the journals aims to bring out the joy in RV living and will help you appreciate this amazing journey. Here are some of my favorite prompts:

  • What one thing would you most like to change about your RV lifestyle?
  • What sorts of things have you done that surprised even you?
  • So you’ve just settled into the campground and the weather is glorious. The sun is shining, a cool breeze plays in the air, and there’s not a mosquito in sight. Describe the most perfect day ever.
  • Make someone’s day. Do something nice for another camper or a friend.
  • Congrats! You have just won $10,000 to go on the camping trip of a lifetime! Where do you go?

The final pages of the journal are Freedom Pages – lined pages for you to add your own notes and inspiration.

Where to Get the Journals

The journals are print-on-demand books available on Amazon. Here are the links:

And if you’re looking for a basic planner, with calendar pages, weekly to-do sections for each month, and blank pages for your own notes, check out the Gutsy Woman Bullet Planner.

A Peek Inside the Journal

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Dr. Brenda

Dr. Brenda is a sociologist, financial coach, and full-time RVer. Her offerings include the Gutsy Women Finance community, the Financial Freedom Academy, and Financial Freedom for Women Workshops.

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