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Welcome to my FREE RESOURCES page. Many of the tools you can find here were created for my online programs at the Dream Big Money Academy. In addition to tools, you’ll find my finance-related posts from my personal blog, The Five Journeys.

**NEW RESOURCE**  Emergency Financial Planning Template

Grow your Wealth

Get a Budget: Budget Toolkit
Save Money: $1,000 calendar, $500 calendar
Get a Side Hustle: Side Hustle Navigator
Pay off Debt: Pay off my Debt Tool
Invest Wisely: Investment Planner
Retire Early: Build your Timeline

Plan for Success

Set Goals: Goal-setting workbook
Change your Habits: Habit Loop Builder
Check your Lifestyle: Lifestyle  Planner
Get Superpowers: Superhero Checklist

Get your Numbers (Spreadsheets)

Make a Budget: Where’s the Money? Worksheet
Track Spending: Wants versus Needs Tracker
Cut Expenses: Big 3 Expense Slasher
Calculate Net Worth: Net Worth Spreadsheet

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