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The next phase: time to hit the road

The Next Phase (Part 2): Time to Hit the Road

October 19, 2019

Somehow, I have reached a new phase in my life. I haven’t quite figured out what that new phase will bring, but I know it doesn’t include a stationary life looking out at the same suburban street day after day. Time has a way of putting things in perspective and I feel a lot closer to coming up with an option that makes the most sense for me. In this series, I walk you through my thought process and steps to carve out a different type of life.

USA versus International

In Part 1, I laid out my reasons to leave the USA and find a home elsewhere. While those reasons still hold true, the logistics, and more importantly, the where factor, overwhelm me. I don’t have a clear view of my destination, and there’s not enough research I can do to feel confident that such a big move will bring me happiness. The logistics of transporting myself – and the cats – to a new country where I don’t speak the native language are overwhelming. Plus, if I end up not liking my new home, it will be a major headache (and cost) to move again. So for now, I’ll stick with the USA, warts and all.

So time to regroup. I’m sitting on a house that’s worth close to $300,000. I’m done with the house, and the yard. It served me well, but it’s time to move on. While the sale will bring in a nice chunk of money, I don’t want to plop it down for another house, especially since I don’t know where I want to live. I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing an RV and traveling the country with my cats, but until this week, it was just an idea. Now I’m hooked and excited by the prospect.

The RV Lifestyle

I recently returned from Wisconsin, where I helped my amazing mom celebrate her 87th birthday. And I was lucky enough to watch the Packers defeat the Lions at Lambeau Field. My sister and I left for Green Bay early so that we could stop at some RV dealers and look around. And WOW! I was surprised by the amount of space inside even the shorter length RVs. I began to envision myself living and working on the road. And I liked everything about it.

Now that I could see that the living space would be more than adequate, I began doing research. How big of a vehicle do I want? (Class C 28′ or less) Is it better to buy new or used? (Always used) Will I be able to have high-speed Internet to run my online businesses? (Yes) How can I keep my cats happy on the road? (Portable catio and harnesses and toys) How much will it cost? (highly variable depending on health insurance and level of camping) How will I make friends? (tons of RV groups, some for solo women).

I downloaded a Kindle book – Be a Nomad Change your Life (affiliate link) – that is packed with resources. Plus, the author travels with her cat so it includes some helpful tips for traveling with pets. The author recommends creating a Nomad Action Plan that sorts through the Why, How, and Where. Here’s my Action Plan.

I returned from Wisconsin with a firm goal – live the RV lifestyle. And just like that, I felt a wave of calm and peace and contentment wash over me. The idea of RVing around the country and setting up my office on wheels totally grabs me. Let the adventure begin.

Next Steps

One of the first things I did was join the Escapees RV Club. It includes a ton of educational resources and is a community of RVers. The Club can help me establish residency in one of the few states that is friendly to full-time RVers (Florida, Texas, South Dakota). This fall I’ll be selling a lot of the bigger items from my house and sorting through stuff. My tentative plan is to sell the house next spring, rent it back for a month or two while I hunt for a used RV, and then hit the road. I’ll be doing a lot of research and checking out RVs in the meantime. I’m excited to make this next phase one of adventure!

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