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You're a smart and successful woman who seems to have it all . . . but something's missing.


When I first met Madison, I asked her how she felt about her work-life balance. She sighed and said, “What balance? I’m so crazy-busy that I can’t even remember the last time that I spent an afternoon just hanging out. Even life feels like work these days.”

We got to the heart of it. Madison told me, “I always thought that once I had this salary and position, I’d be happy. I wouldn’t be like those ‘other people’ who were so driven that they didn’t have time for relationships or fun. But here I am. I’ve pushed my own life, and my happiness, to the back burner so that I can be this big success. Sometimes, I wonder why?


Madison didn't have the flexibility and freedom to spend her days the way she wanted. Her success only led to longer work hours, higher levels of stress, and even more demands on her time. Deep down inside, she bought into the idea that personal sacrifices are simply part of career advancement and wealth.

But Madison isn't alone. Every day, women are inundated with messages of the American dream. If we get a good education and work hard, we’ll reap the rewards. And those rewards come in the form of salaries, bonuses, raises, promotions, and the “good life.”  It’s not just monetary – we often define ourselves through our work. It’s a central part of who we are.

But the truth? The more successful we are, the less time we have for ourselves. And it can leave you exhausted and wondering if it’s all worth it.

Ironic, isn’t it? Here was Madison – a successful, independent, career woman – and yet, she didn't have control over her own time. But what if she switched the success formula, so that TIME became her most important variable? Time to take long refreshing breaks from work. Time to take care of her own health and find joy. Time to do what she wants when she wants. And if Madison wants to jump into her dream life decades earlier than she ever thought possible, why not?


Madison had the resources, but she didn’t have a plan, or direction, for her life. Where was her North Star? She joined me in the Financial Freedom Accelerator, and I could see her excitement build as I shared the Dream-Plan-Save-Do framework. By the end of our third session, she had a full-scale plan drawn out that included a clear vision of how she wanted to spend her days, a strategy to build her Dream Fund, and the logistics of how she will carve out more time for travel (one of her biggest loves).

Madison rediscovered joy. She let go of some of the things at the office that could be delegated. She reclaimed her personal time. 



You won't believe this! I rearranged my work schedule to make room for a plein air art class in the summer, and my Dream Fund is growing – I’m getting close to reaching my magical year of travel. I’m taking back my time, my life, my future!

I am so proud of Madison! She has made some remarkable shifts since participating in the Accelerator and a coaching session. Madison realized that she can be successful while carving out amazing personal experiences. And she knows that it’s all about priorities – she’s making better spending decisions. Madison has a clear path to financial freedom and she’s happier than she’s been in a long time.

➡️ If you’d like to discover how the Financial Freedom Accelerator can help you define your dreams, grow your wealth, and find more time and joy in the days ahead, I invite you to join the waitlist.

Financial Freedom Accelerator for Women ($997)

Your investment in the Accelerator includes a one-hour personal coaching session with Dr. Brenda (valued at $497).

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Dear friend,

I built a fabulous career, just like Madison. Then one day, a friend and colleague stopped by my office. She said, "Brenda, I feel like I can't even stop by to say HI anymore. I can see you're looking over my shoulder at the clock on the wall." And she was right. I was so busy just keeping up with my work that I couldn't be bothered to ask a friend, "Hey, how are you doing?"

It was a wake-up call. When was the last time I felt carefree? The truth of it was that my life was what fit around my work. I defined myself by my career. And I had no time to find me, to rediscover what makes me smile.

Today, my life is focused on joy. You can find me travelling the USA in my RV with my three cats. I built financial freedom so that I can spend my days hiking mountain trails, navigating canyons, and watching sunrises over the ocean. As a financial coach, I want to help you move your journey forward - not just your journey to wealth, but your journey to joy.

💖 I am here for you.

Weekend Accelerators are capped at 10 participants. Dr. Brenda gives you the personal attention you deserve.

Here's what You'll Accomplish:

  • Crystallize your Dreams
    What does your dream life look like? How do you want to spend your days? Let's bring clarity to your dream life.
  • Grow your Wealth
    How do you reach financial freedom? And when? We'll run numbers and find ways to grow the gap between your income and expenses.
  • Find more Time and Joy
    What would your schedule look like if you prioritized joy? Discover ways you can minimize the busy work and maximize the time you spend feeding your soul.

What's Inside the Accelerator?

My weekend Accelerators are highly interactive. These are small group coaching sessions led by Dr. Brenda. We'll work together to create your very own personal plan. Be ready to engage and support one another!

Our Goal: To create a powerful personalized action plan that will propel you toward financial freedom and a lifestyle centered on joy.

Our Weekend Schedule: We meet on Zoom on Saturday morning, Sunday evening, and Monday evening. You will have access to all recordings. If you miss a session, you can catch up later. Each session is 2.5 hours long, including a break.

A Note about Homework: The Accelerator includes homework assignments. Each assignment includes a template and detailed instructions.

One Hour Coaching Session: Following the event, you will receive a link to schedule a one-hour personal coaching session with Dr. Brenda. You can use this hour to focus on any element of your plan or discuss specific issues relevant to your journey.

Session 1 

Saturday Morning
(11:30 ET / 10:30 CT / 9:30 MT / 8:30 PT)

Know your Destination
What does your dream life look like? We'll do some visualization exercises that give you the clarity - and the purpose - that drives your financial journey.

Session 2

Sunday Evening
(7:00 ET / 6:00 CT / 5:00 MT / 4:00 PT)

Plan your Journey
We will run some numbers and create a plan that helps you grow the gap between your income and expenses. It's time to prioritize!

Session 3

Monday Evening
(7:00 ET / 6:00 CT / 5:00 MT / 4:00 PT)

Create your Timeline
Can you start building parts of your dream life now? We'll work together to build a financial freedom timeline based on your circumstances and desires.

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