​Ride out the storm with an emergency financial plan!

How do you manage the new reality – and how long will it last? If only I had a crystal ball. These are uncertain times that bring with them high levels of anxiety and worry. But what if you could face the new reality head on and take immediate steps to build financial resilience? Let’s work together to draft an emergency financial plan and support and encourage each other along the way.

This is the time for action. Don’t let fear win out.

It’s tempting to put your head in the sand and shut yourself from the outside world. But where will that get you?  Maybe, just maybe, this is an opportunity to take charge of your money and lifestyle and make bold moves that will not only see you through this crisis, but will guide you for years to come. Are you ready to be your own hero?

Free Resources

Take advantage of any and all of my free resources.
Stay up-to-date, tap into a variety of tools, and join the financial preparedness community.

Dr. Brenda was calm and assuring, not pushy. That was comforting.

Peter W.
​Financial Preparedness Facebook Group

A supportive group with up-to-date resources and tools to help you manage the financial crisis.

​Three Financial Steps to take during the Pandemic
Watch the latest recorded webinar that will guide you in creating an emergency financial plan.

Personalized Planning Options

​For more personal help, sign up for one-on-one coaching sessions, weekly group workshops, or a self-paced emergency financial planning course. All sessions are online.
** IMPORTANT ** I will strategize with you to create emergency plans, develop good money habits, budget for the future, and guide you on your journey to master your money. I cannot advise you on specific investment choices or portfolio allocations.
​One-on-one Coaching
I’ll work with you to develop an emergency financial plan and to link you to resources. Offerings include:
  • 3 Questions in 30 Minutes ($45)
  • 60-minute Strategy Session ($99)
  • Bundle package – three 60-minute sessions for $275
​Emergency Financial Planning Online Workshop
Morning and evening 2-session workshops are offered each week. Sign up for the week and time best suited to your schedule. Morning workshops meet at 11:00 am ET; evening workshops meet at 7:00 pm ET. Limited to 8 people per Workshop.   $129
​Emergency Financial Planning Online Course
This self-paced interactive course will walk you through the steps to create your very own Emergency Financial Plan. It includes a private Facebook group to connect with others and ask questions. Plus, get the latest in coronavirus relief programs. $99