Join us in a Dream Life Retreat for Women

A Bold Event for Bold Women

Build your Roadmap to your Dream Life in One Day!

Dare to take the journey of your dreams! Embark on a liberating girls-only road trip and uncover the magical future awaiting you.
Unlock your potential and take control of your future - grab this exclusive opportunity for a one-day retreat, led by Dr. Brenda. Here's where you can take bold actions and make your dreams blossom.

Be Inspired

Unleash the power of possibility and discover a life beyond your wildest dreams at our Dream Life Retreat! During this action-packed day, you'll find courage and confidence as you face fears head on and design a vision for yourself that brings prosperity and joy. With some of the most inspiring coaches in town by your side, you'll bring your dreams to life.

Learn and Connect

Our Retreat is an exciting opportunity for women to come together, get inspired, and gain the insights needed to take action. We're creating an environment of confidence, accountability and motivation so that each attendee can make real progress in their lives long after the event passes. 

Are you Ready to Join us on this Incredible Journey?

Are you looking for a new way to find joy in life and chart the course of your future? If so, our Dream Life Retreat could be perfect for you! We invite 20 passionate women who are ready to design their own courageous blueprint for success and fulfillment.

If you embody the qualities and values of courage, resilience, creativity, and positivity we urge you to join us! You are retreat-ready if:
  • You are eager to create a life overflowing with joy.
  • You want to unearth a deeper understanding of yourself, discover what you need to overcome, and fuel that fire within.
  • You dare to explore the possibilities of your finances and build resources for a life full of extraordinary dreams. 
  • You are ready to step into action with confidence. 

Get exclusive access to this video when you sign up for our Waitlist! Take your first step today.


Pre-event meet and greet gathering. Enjoy energizing conversation during a fun outing in an exciting location. 

One day of hands-on activities to help you gain clarity and purpose. You'll make an actionable roadmap for achieving your dreams.

Insights from the most inspiring coaches in the area. Together, we'll help you tap new potential within yourself!

Exclusive offers from amazing coaches and experts who are here to help you take that next step on your journey of self-discovery.

Here's What you Get

When you sign up for a retreat, you'll receive so much more than just a one-time pick me up. Make new connections, learn powerful skills, and become part of an empowering community that will be your companion on this exciting endeavor called "life".

Peek Inside our San Diego Retreat

Our 2023 Schedule and Rates

Dr. Brenda is offering 20 early- to mid-career women something extraordinary - the chance to design, and fund, their dream lives! Locations and dates are selected based on Dr. Brenda's RV travel schedule. 

  • Make a big change in your life with the Dream Life Retreat for Women and be part of something special! For just $547, you can join us at pre-event gatherings followed by an inspiring full day retreat. Depending on location there may even be optional fun outings - so sign up to get on our Waitlist today! Hotel, dining, and travel accommodations are at the expense of each participant. Bring your adventurous spirit!

April 22, 2023: Retreat for Women in San Diego, CA

Join us in a one-day retreat in the San Diego metro area. Sign up for the Waitlist as we finalize the location and build the program.

June 24, 2023: Retreat for Women in Denver, CO

Join us in a one-day retreat in the Denver metro area. Sign up for the Waitlist as we finalize the location and build the program.

October 28, 2023: Retreat for Women in Austin, TX

Join us in a one-day retreat in Austin. Sign up for the Waitlist as we finalize the location and build the program.

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