All it takes is one coach who believes in you.

Programs that help you Master your Money … and Build Financial Freedom

From the Kickass Session to the 4-month Journey to Wealth Program, I’ll cater my approach to meet your needs and circumstances. And when financial hiccups arise, we’ll work together to find a path forward. Let’s do this!

It all begins with the financial freedom workshop!

Jump start your journey by signing up for one of my Financial Freedom for Women Workshops . Workshops are held almost every month and have a limited seating of 10 women. Workshops are held over a long weekend and you'll be amazed at how much progress you will make in such a short amount of time. Join me!

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Kickass graduates can access additional programs

Once you’ve completed your Kickass Session, you may be eligible to sign up for one of my premier coaching programs. Currently, I offer three programs – visit each program page to see if you meet the entrance requirements.

Set the wheels in
motion for a life of
financial freedom.
Take charge of your
finances and grow your
Choose adventure. Create a plan to follow your

Financial coaching is an investment in your future

Hiring a personal coach is a big commitment, and yes, there’s a cost to it. But what if coaching was the key to mastering your money and taking charge of your future? What if you could create a life without money worries? What would that be worth to you?

Try “Coaching Lite” with an Online Program

Not everyone can afford her own personal coach, so I created online programs at the Dream Big Money Academy that will launch your journey to financial freedom. You’ll find my online offerings to be beautifully designed and results-driven.

The Dream Big Money Academy offers:
  • Limited seating7-week  Financial Freedom for Women Workshop
  • Financial Freedom Academy
  • Get out of Debt NOW!

Financial coaching can be the answer to your dreams.

Find out how and take the first step toward a brighter future. Schedule your free 20-minute Explorer call.

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