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Fired! Three Years Later

It’s my 3-year anniversary of the day I was fired. My perspective – and my life – has changed. Could being fired be the best thing that ever happened?

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How a Super Lousy Business Year Impacted my Net Worth

What a year 2020 was! My business venture continued to bleed money and I traded in the house for an RV. Here’s how my net worth faired.

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Wrapping up my First Month of RV Life

My first month of RVing is in the books? How did it go? I made some rookie mistakes and need to get a better handle on my budget. But I’m loving it!

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How to Downsize from a House to an RV

Here are 5 tips on how to downsize from a house to an RV. Start early and get yourself organized so that you can have fun when you hit the road.

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Fired! Two Years Later and Still Kicking

Two years have passed since I was fired from my job. Despite a dismal start to being a solo entrepreneur, I’m doing pretty well on the net worth scale.

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My Net Worth after a Terrible Financial Year

What happens to your net worth after a lousy financial year? The answer may surprise. Compound interest combined with a low debt load can carry the day.

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Downsizing and Buying my Dream RV

I found my dream RV! Suddenly, things are taking off. I’m downsizing in preparation for the sale of the house and excited to live the RV lifestyle.

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How to Become a Financial Coach (Part 4)

The fourth step in becoming a financial coach is sales and marketing. Your goal is to build a strong referral network and learn how to overcome objections.

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The Next Phase (Part 3): Downsizing and Lyfting

The transition from a house to an RV has begun. I started downsizing, which is ruled more by emotion than logic. And I became a Lyft driver!

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