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Want to read about the $10,000 Candlestick?

What three things do you need before you leave the workforce? Read my guest post to find out … and learn about my $10,000 candlestick!

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Book Review: Work Optional

Work Optional is not your typical personal finance book. The author – Tanja Hester – does a fabulous job guiding readers on creating the life they want.

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I Earned my Money Black Belt!

Here’s my financial black belt interview at Millionaire Dojo. Read about the importance of mindset in following through on financial dreams.

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We are not all Born Millionaires

Elitist views that anyone can become wealthy ignore facts and the human experience. In truth, the lottery of birth is the best predictor of wealth.

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10 Behavioral Finance Tips

Behavioral finances offers insights that you can use to build financial independence. My favorite? Don’t follow the herd.

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Use the Blizzard Method to Pay off Debt Fast

The Blizzard method is a smart approach to paying off credit card debt as quickly as possible.

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How I Became a Millionaire

How does a single mom working in nonprofit organizations build a net worth of $1,000,000? Learn the details in my Millionaire Interview.

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Does Adversity make us Stronger? Here’s my Story

Here’s my story of adversity. Many thanks to Fred at MoneyWithAPurpose for giving me this opportunity. Enjoy the read!

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Halloween Nightmare for Women: Turning into a “Bag Lady”

Half of women in America fear they’ll be broke and homeless – a nightmare that reflects a society with few social safety nets.

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