How I Found Happiness

Are you happy?  Do you want to be happy?  I don’t mean happy ALL THE TIME, but are you generally happy, and dare we say content, with your current life? The good news is that happiness can be achieved!

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Four Steps to Building a Healthy Lifestyle

Simply put, a lifestyle is a way of living.  For many of us, there’s our current lifestyle, and then there’s the healthy lifestyle we wish we had.  The two can be very different.

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How to Become Financially Independent

What does it mean to be financially independent? Here’s what financial independence means to me: security, time to paint and write and explore, the ability to overcome crises, and the opportunity to leave the work force when I choose.

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Tired of Eggs? Try These Whole30 Breakfasts

Tired of eggs for breakfast? Try these recipes for coconut nutty flax granola and blueberry pear compote.

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