Hi! I’m Dr. Brenda 

sociologist. financial coach. Speaker . AUTHOR

My goal is to help YOU open the doors of financial freedom and a new life! I’ll give you the best resources and the support you need to successfully navigate your journey. Together, we’ll make your dreams come true!

My Life … the Short Version

I have a special box brimming with memories of the past - tear-stained letters, lovingly written to a dear friend. It takes me back in time, when ramen noodles and frozen burritos were considered luxuries. I remember working late nights at a department store just to make ends meet. It took all my strength just to get up each morning.

You see, life didn't give me the script I was expecting. All those tears were shed AFTER I completed my doctoral degree. What should have been happy times turned into a three year odyssey searching for a career that would make use of all my knowledge and skills.

After climbing out of poverty, I made a promise to myself: never again. So once I had a salaried position, I got creative: my single paycheck became two - one for saving, one for spending. I paid off my debt, learned how to invest my money, and grew my wealth. 

I built a successful career spearheading justice system reform. But over time, I felt burned out and frustrated with the slow pace of reform. So when the opportunity arose, I pivoted my career to became a financial coach. Now I advocate for economic and social justice, and use my programs to lift the finances - and the voices - of women.

As an entrepreneur, I had to be true to myself. I wanted a more adventurous lifestyle than what I had working behind my dining room table. It was time for me to "be gutsy." 

So in 2020, I decided to lead by example. I boldly pursued my passion to travel and committed to a life on the open road. You can find me RVing, with my three cats in tow, discovering new sights around every bend as we roam America together. 

Those tear-stained letters are reminders of where I've been. They are reminders of my resilience and determination to make a better life for myself. To help YOU make a better life for yourself.

P.S. You can read more about my story of adversity in this interview. 

My Values


I believe that trust is the foundation of all human connections. Mutual respect makes magical things happen.


I believe that financial security is the key that opens doors to opportunities, possibilities, and dreams.


I believe that time is our most precious commodity. When we prioritize our time, we shift our energy, intention, and outcome.


I believe that fun and engaging activities are integral to helping people build a healthy relationship with money.

I am Committed to

Demolishing the scare tactics, deceptive jargon-filled marketing, and judgmental attitudes of the male-dominated financial industry. I choose to create a business founded on trust, support, education, and access.

Achieving economic and social justice. I believe in raising the finances – and the voices – of women who have been ignored or ridiculed in policy discussions.

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