Hi! I’m Dr. Brenda 

sociologist. financial coach. full-time rver

My goal is to help YOU open the doors of financial freedom and a new life! I’ll give you the best resources and the support you need to successfully navigate your journey. Together, we’ll make your dream come true!

My Life … the Short Version

I have a box of letters. Old hand-written tear-stained letters written to a dear friend long ago.

Those letters take me back to a time when I was barely getting by. I wrote about:

  • Scoring 20 cent packages of ramen noodles and 3 for $1 burritos
  • Pulling evening shifts at a department store for minimum wage.
  • Struggling to get up each morning to face another day.
The thing is, this wasn't supposed to happen to ME! But when I was 30, my life imploded. I finished my doctoral degree, got downsized out of a job, and couldn't find suitable work for 3-1/2 years. I lived in 5 different states, trying to catch a break.

When I got back on my feet, I vowed to never be poor again. So I pretended my single paycheck was two paychecks - one to save and one to spend. I learned how to grow my money by investing. I paid off my debt, built an amazing career, and grew my wealth.

And then, it all ended. AGAIN! But this time, it was different. I had money. I had time. I had choices.

The truth is, those years of poverty shaped my life. I can close my eyes and FEEL the sadness and desperation. And I know I'm not alone.

So I pivoted to a new career. I became a financial coach and launched an affordable community-based online program - Gutsy Women Finances. I know what it's like to struggle. And I know the way out. I teach, guide, support, and motivate women so that they:

  • Claim their own powers over their money, and their future.
  • Stop worrying about being a bag lady when their hair turns grey
  • Dare to dream even the most wildest of dreams
  • Never have to be dependent on anyone else for their money, or their happiness.
  • Feel safe sharing their stories, their dreams, and their concerns among friends.

Those tear-stained letters are reminders of where I've been. They are reminders of my resilience and determination to make a better life for myself. To help YOU make a better life for yourself.

Where can you find me these days? I'm climbing mountains, navigating canyons, and walking barefoot on the beaches. I'm living my dream life - roaming the country in my RV, accompanied by three cuddly cats. I can't wait for the next adventure. And who knows? Maybe I'll see you on the road!

P.S. You can read more about my story of adversity in this interview. And you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, @RVMoneyCoach.

My Values


I believe that trust is the foundation of all human connections. Mutual respect makes magical things happen.


I believe that financial security is the key that opens doors to opportunities, possibilities, and dreams.


I believe that time is our most precious commodity. When we prioritize our time, we shift our energy, intention, and outcome.


I believe that fun and engaging activities are integral to helping people build a healthy relationship with money.

I am Committed to

Demolishing the scare tactics, deceptive jargon-filled marketing, and judgmental attitudes of the male-dominated financial industry. I choose to create a business founded on trust, support, education, and access.

Achieving economic and social justice. I believe in raising the finances – and the voices – of women who have been ignored or ridiculed in policy discussions.

Don't be afraid of your own success! Follow a simple formula - Dream Plan Save Do - to create your most awesome life. You got this!

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