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Praise for the online Early Exit Academy courses

“This course is fantastic because it makes taking concrete steps toward making a retirement plan so easy, AND it makes retiring early an attainable reality.”

Tracy PS

“[This course] is a holistic deep-dive into what I want my days and years to look like. And by giving me access to the most recent research with logical steps to follow, it has given me more freedom, confidence, and empowerment than I could’ve imagined before embarking on this journey.”

Michelle L.

30-Day Challenges - "Still sticking with it after 30 days!"

Walking Challenge: "The program was inspiring as well as motivational and it works. The 30-day challenge has me out walking with purpose and without fail every day. I love my walks now!”


Meditation Challenge: “As someone totally new to meditation, this guide offered a supportive and realistic approach, one that I could actually stick to each day. Different activities and suggestions throughout helped me identify what worked for me and I developed my own routine and rhythm. Still sticking with it after 30 days!"

Tina J.

Sugar Challenge: "Finally! I kicked my sugar habit to the curb. Waking up with lots of energy and couldn't have done it without this challenge. Thanks!"

Jamie L.