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Dr. Brenda’s Coaching Program is a Lifesaver

I was feeling uncertain as I approached a transition in my life. My finances were going to change, and I was unsure how to tackle the multiple priorities and balancing my budget. The Kickass session provided me with an objective approach and concrete steps to make progress. Dr. Brenda’s Action Plan turned into a lifesaver! Dr. Brenda linked to guides and resources that helped me tackle each step…and gave me the confidence to dive in.

Kathryn H.

I truly believe without your written plan, I would have wandered aimlessly through my financial life with no real direction and no goal. [Now I have] a plan to follow to pay off my house, have savings, allow for travel, and even have a retirement plan.

Wanda B.

Before working with Dr. Brenda, my financial situation was okay, but I felt overwhelmed and confused. After working with Dr. Brenda, I have clarity about what I need to do to achieve my financial goals, and I feel more confident that I’m making the choices that will make the most out of my money. I loved working with Dr. Brenda!

Tracy P.

Praise for the online Dream Big Money Academy courses

“This course is fantastic because it makes taking concrete steps toward making a retirement plan so easy, AND it makes retiring early an attainable reality.”

Tracy PS

“[This course] is a holistic deep-dive into what I want my days and years to look like. And by giving me access to the most recent research with logical steps to follow, it has given me more freedom, confidence, and empowerment than I could’ve imagined before embarking on this journey.”

Michelle L.