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Dr. Brenda is the real deal!
- Sydnie S.

Do you ever . . . 

  • Feel like your work-life balance is tilted way too far on the work end?
  • Lie awake at night, worrying that you don't have a plan for your money that fits with your wild dreams?
  • Wonder what it would be like to spend your days doing whatever you wanted?
  • Wish you could find more time and money to make joy a regular part of your life? 

What if I told you that underneath your fears and desires lie a hidden reserve of superpowers? Superpowers like . . . 

You have more time on your hands because you make fast spending decisions based on your priorities.


You have a budget that gives you the power to look into the future, where you can easily make forecasts.


You have a savings cushion that prepares you for the unexpected. You’ll be ready when the next crisis strikes.


You are guided by your priorities and goals, which changes your perspective – your destination is on the horizon.


You face your finances head on and take bold steps to master your money, and build the life you want.
Women can do amazing things when they have a formula to follow, a coach to guide them, and a kickass community to support them!

- Dr. Brenda

Are you ready to take charge of your money . . . and your future?

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Join the Gutsy Women Finances Revolution

Where Fun and Finances Meet

Join the revolution of gutsy women who are taking charge of their money - and their future. Grow your money, confidence, independence, and BADASSERY. 

[This program] has given me more freedom, confidence, and empowerment than I could've imagined . . .
- Michelle L.

Gutsy Women Finances

Amaze Yourself in our Financial Freedom Accelerator

Take your finances - and your life - to a whole new level by participating in a live Accelerator.  Participants receive a one-hour personal coaching session after the event. 

** Seats are limited to 10 awesome women. Get on the waitlist now. **

I truly believe [that] without your program, I would have wandered aimlessly through my financial life with no real direction and no goal.
- Wanda B.

Take a Road Trip and Join us in a Retreat

Dr. Brenda is hitting the road in 2023. Join her in a Retreat and spend the day building your dream life and the finances that will take you there. Retreats include a one-hour post-event personal coaching session.

** We're offering ten seats at each of our six locations. Jump on the waitlist. **

Dr. Brenda’s Programs are a Lifesaver

Gave me the confidence to dive in


I was feeling uncertain as I approached a transition in my life. My finances were going to change, and I was unsure how to tackle the multiple priorities and balancing my budget. Dr. Brenda's coaching session provided me with an objective approach and concrete steps to make progress. Dr. Brenda’s Action Plan turned into a lifesaver! Dr. Brenda helped me tackle each step . . . and gave me the confidence to dive in.

I have clarity


Before working with Dr. Brenda, my financial situation was okay, but I felt overwhelmed and confused. After working with Dr. Brenda, I have clarity about what I need to do to achieve my financial goals, and I feel more confident that I’m making the choices that will make the most out of my money. I loved working with Dr. Brenda!

A plan to pay off my house


I truly believe [that] without your written plan, I would have wandered aimlessly through my financial life with no real direction and no goal. [Now I have] a plan to pay off my house, build my savings, afford my travels, and even have a retirement fund.

It has given me more freedom


[This course] is a holistic deep-dive into what I want my days and years to look like. And by giving me access to the most recent research with logical steps to follow, it has given me more freedom, confidence, and empowerment than I could’ve imagined before embarking on this journey.

I now see attainable options


Dr. Brenda met me where I was in financial planning. I was unclear how to put a plan together in which I could believe. I now see attainable options, not just fuzzy ideas. Dr. Brenda is the real deal!

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